I am attorney Scott G. Cerbin, Esq., and for more than 15 years, I have been representing individuals facing criminal charges. I am committed to creating trusting relationships with my clients. As an active trial attorney, I do not hesitate to take my cases as far as they need to go to serve my clients’ best interests, and my opponents are well-acquainted with my reputation. I have won acquittals at trial in each of the five boroughs of New York City and tried very serious, high-profile cases such as People v. Hale. In addition to my work as a criminal defense lawyer, I focus on post-conviction motions, appeals and cases involving civil rights violations.

I began my career as an attorney after a criminal arrest of my own. I felt the stress of having an inexperienced attorney who was not dedicated to his clients. My second lawyer, however, was so impressive and hardworking that he inspired me to go to law school and become a criminal defense attorney. This experience helps me empathize with my clients. I understand the myriad difficulties that you are facing and I am dedicated to helping you initiate the same life changes that my attorney did for me.