Facing a murder charge is the most dramatic encounter you will ever have with the legal system. Whether you have been charged with:

  • First degree murder
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Attempted murder in the second degree
  • Or any other murder charge

There is someone who will take care of your case. I am Scott G. Cerbin, Esq., I have a reputation as a caring, compassionate defense attorney in Brooklyn and all the five boroughs of New York.

Everyone Deserves A Strong Defense

The principles of the American legal system are such that no matter whom you are or what you have been accused of, you deserve someone who will fight for you. I take that principle to heart and provide my clients with straightforward, realistic advice on any charge.

Empathy Helps Lessen Stress

Stress can cause a host of mental and physical problems for you. For example, it is often the case that those being charged of vehicular manslaughter feel guilt over the circumstances of the charge. That guilt is understandable, but it also does not mean you deserve prison time, and I will fight to ensure your rights are protected.

Lack Of Trust Hurts Your Chances In Court

I know from personal experience that building trust with your attorney is important. If you cannot build a report with someone, how can you trust that they will fight for you in court? My personal history of dealing with charges and uncaring attorneys is what pushed me to become a lawyer. I will make a point of earning your trust.

Complex Cases Need An Experienced Hand

Murder cases are complex, and with my 12 years of experience taking on murder cases for clients in New York City, I know how to protect you. You relax knowing that my experience, professionalism and reputation for results, is behind you in this difficult time.

Employing the measures needed to protect your rights and your livelihood is imperative when you are facing murder charges. You want someone with a reputation for caring about their clients. Call me at 718-509-6514, or contact me.