A violent crime charge can apply to any incident that involves harm or threat of harm. This charge often accompanies murder, assault, rape and robbery but the severity of the penalties will depend on the circumstances. For example, assault involving a weapon is considered more severe than unarmed assault. Threatening to harm someone is less severe than actually harming them but it could still be considered a violent crime and carry heavy penalties.

Violent crimes can result in thousands of dollars in fines, as well as anywhere from a year to decades to a lifetime in prison. No matter how serious you believe the situation was or was not, you need a skilled lawyer as soon as violent crime charges are brought against you.

How I Defend My Clients

I am attorney Scott G. Cerbin, Esq., and I am committed to providing all my clients with the dedicated representation they deserve. I know how to create strategies that challenge your charges or decrease the extent of the penalties you are facing. Some effective defenses I have employed include self-defense or no intent to harm. If no injury was actually caused, I can work to reduce the severity of the charges.

Criminal situations are scary. You are likely worried about the outcome of your case. The good news is that I never stop fighting for my clients. I will take a case to litigation for you if needed. My prosecution often knows my reputation in the courtroom and my persistence in defending my clients. I will explore every option for your situation.

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