Do I Have Alternative Sentencing Options in New York?

Posted on : February 13, 2021
Not all crimes are considered equal under the law and each has different penalties that can be imposed to deter someone convicted of the crime from committing it or another crime again. Jail is not always the best way to do this and in many cases, New York is using what is known as alternative Read More

If I’m Convicted, Do I Have to Go to Jail?

Posted on : January 12, 2021
Being charged with a crime is a frightening and life-changing experience. You may assume that you’ll have to spend at least some time behind bars, however, incarceration may not be necessary in your case nor is it always the best option for reducing the risk of recidivism. Depending on the case, a person convicted of Read More

What Should Juvenile Offenders Know About the New York Criminal Process?

Posted on : December 17, 2020
When your child faces criminal charges, both your lives can be turned upside down in what seems like an instant. New York tends to be strict when it comes to penalizing juveniles for criminal offenses, making it even more important to actively work to advocate for their fair treatment. Here’s what juvenile offenders should know Read More

How Can I Prepare for My Court-Ordered DWI Alcohol Treatment Program?

Posted on : November 18, 2020
DWI Arrest Manhattan
Alcohol Treatment Programs The State of New York takes DWI charges seriously and a number of penalties can be imposed, including but not limited to jail time, fines, and an alcohol treatment program. In some cases, your defense lawyer may be able to negotiate the reduction of your sentence if you agree to attend an Read More

What Is Mandatory Minimum Sentencing?

Posted on : October 19, 2020
Brooklyn Criminal Defense Lawyer
Facing Criminal Charges In New York? Under the law, crimes are generally ranked according to severity. Typically, a crime that results in greater harm to another person carries a more serious penalty than a crime that does less harm.  For example, the penalty for driving while intoxicated with a minor in the vehicle is punished Read More

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