People are often overwhelmed after being arrested or investigated for a crime. Many do not know what to do next or what is going to happen. Here are some questions that may be on your mind:

Do I Need A Lawyer?

While you are technically allowed to represent yourself in court, I never recommend it. The law is complicated and you will not be able to navigate it without a professional trained in the area. You could end up with a far worse outcome than you would have with an attorney on your side. The sooner you ask a lawyer about your situation, the better off you will be.

How Do I Choose A Criminal Defense Attorney?

The first relevant aspect of a lawyer is, of course, their ability to help you. Research a lawyer’s experience. See if they have handled cases like yours and achieved successful results in the past.

The other important piece of choosing an attorney is finding someone with which you can get along and work well. You may not have a good sense of this until you talk to them, but find an attorney to which you feel comfortable entrusting your case and asking questions.

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What Are My Legal Options?

A criminal defense lawyer can pursue a number of options to help you. It may be possible to dissolve your charges altogether. In other cases, a lawyer can reduce the severity of a charge to decrease the penalties you face. Plea bargains are also a possibility depending on the circumstances but you always explore your other options before pleading guilty.

I walk my clients through their options to find the best course of action so you will never feel left in the dark.

How Would A Conviction Affect Me?

Criminal convictions have both immediate and long-term consequences. Many of them result in enormous fines and lengthy jail sentences as a penalty, sometimes even a life sentence. Even after a prison sentence is up, a criminal record will affect your opportunities at housing and employment, as well as bringing even stricter penalties upon you if you are ever convicted again. It is absolutely crucial to the well-being of your future to explore your legal options.

Questions? Ask Today

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