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There is no denying that federal crimes are often serious. You might think that you would never find yourself in a situation in which someone accused you of one of these types of violations. In fact, these types of charges are probably more common than you think, and there are various levels of consequences.

You could easily find yourself among the many people who receive notices of federal criminal accusations. While state courts handle most cases involving violations of the law, the jurisdiction of the federal system is probably wider than you would expect.

You probably know some of the original federal crimes:

With these types of charges, the possible consequences of your conviction could be extremely severe. However, are you would find that the prosecuting and sentencing power of the national government has expanded considerably since the drafting of the Constitution.

According to FindLaw, there are now many other reasons you might find yourself before a federal judge. Examples could include involvement in mail fraud, trafficking of drugs or violation of any number of arcane federal regulations.

Federal courts have different rules of procedure than do New York state judicial bodies. Prosecutors also may have the ability to choose the venue for a crime of which you stand accused. Depending on your charges, the choice of court could be one of the more important factors in securing the most advantageous outcome possible. However, each case is different. Please do not regard this as specific legal advice. It is only intended to be educational information.

By : First Page Attorney | January 21, 2018 | Federal Crimes

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