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Many people believe that all prisoners are guilty of committing a crime and deserve to be locked behind bars. They may be surprised to learn that not all people serving time are guilty, and that a number of prisoners are instead innocent of committing a crime at all. Flaws in the United States judicial system have led to the wrongful conviction and incarceration of hundreds of people, and there may be hundreds more that remain behind bars waiting to be set free.

Just recently, a Bronx man was exonerated of his sentence after serving 19 years in prison as an innocent person. His wrongful conviction was based off several factors, including false statements made to the courts, as well as psychological coercion used during the confession process. The man was just 16-years-old when he was charged with the crime and grieving after losing his mother. The detectives who questioned the young boy used techniques, such as sleep deprivation and isolation and threatened him that they would add further charges if he did not confess to the crime.

In addition to the coerced confession, a renter in the downstairs apartment of the home made false claims regarding the crime. After reviewing all of the evidence, attorneys believe that it is highly likely the renter was the actual perpetrator and attempted to distract officers by placing the blame on the young boy.

When questionable practices are used in a criminal investigation and trial, innocent people may be put in jail for a crime they did not commit. A criminal attorney may be helpful in exploring the options of your case and helping to determine the best course of action.

Source: The Innocence Project, “Bronx Man’s 1991 Murder Conviction Vacated,” Jan. 24, 2019.

By : First Page Attorney | February 4, 2018 | Violent Crimes

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