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Vehicular manslaughter is an interesting charge, because it can be used against those who are negligent or who had criminal intentions. The individual may or may not have been intoxicated at the time of a crash.

With any vehicular manslaughter case, there are a number of penalties that can be used against those who killed someone with their vehicle. Penalties may be as little as fines and minor jail time for involuntary manslaughter, while criminal cases may land people in prison for life. It all depends on the situation and what led to the victim’s death.

What should you do if you hit someone while you’re driving?

In any case, even if you intentionally hit someone, the reality is that you need to stay at the scene. Leaving can make everything worse and result in hit-and-run charges. Fleeing can also make it appear as if the crash was intentional, even if it wasn’t. You don’t want to make the situation worse for yourself, so you should always stay and attempt to help the victim by calling 911.

There are cases where you can defend against charges, too, even if you intentionally hit someone. For example, if someone is pointing a weapon at you in your vehicle while blocking your exit and you choose to hit them to escape, there’s a chance that you could argue that you had to do that to defend yourself.

It’s best to talk to your New York attorney right away if you hit someone with your vehicle, whether it’s intentional or not. Your attorney will begin taking steps to protect you and your interests immediately. Your attorney will find out which charges you’re facing and what they can do to mitigate them. They’ll talk to you about possible plea deals and discuss if you’ll face criminal charges or only claims from the family.

Every case is different, so it’s essential that your attorney is on board early enough to help. The type of charge you’ll face depends solely on the facts that surround your case. The way you act will have an impact on the claims people make against you, and it’s essential that your attorney is there to help you defend your name and character.

There is a high potential for a long prison sentence with any conviction for killing another person. Protect yourself by making sure you don’t speak to the police without your attorney present.

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